Ajawavi J. Ajavon, B.A., M.S.M.

Ana G. Hernandez, B.A.

Ajawavi J. Ajavon, B.A., M.S.M.

Ajawavi J. Ajavon is the sole proprietor and founder of DAB Mediation Consultant, LLC. As well as founder of the fatherhood responsibility non-profit initiative, “Every Man Counts”. An active member of the community, Ajavon ran an impressive campaign to become Delaware 5th District State Representative in 2018.

Ajavon is a leading small business woman in the community and a conflict mediation expert. An activist, Ajavon spearheads several ventures to empower communities and provide sound solutions on social issues. During her career, she has worked for the Delaware Family Court as mediation and arbitration officer and for the New Jersey Superior Court Family Division as a hearing officer and mediator. Most recently, Ajavon taught job readiness skills to adults re-entering the job market at Career Time. Currently, she teaches mediation skills and conflict resolution at Wilmington University in the College of Social and Behavioral Science and is a volunteer mediator at Delaware Center for Justice.

Ajavon is a proud member of the following originations New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM), Pennsylvania Council of Mediators (PCM), Newark, Delaware NAACP branch, Domestic Violence Women of Color Task Force (WOCTF), International Gender Base Violence group (IGBV), advisory board member at the Delaware Women Business Center (WBC), executive board member of the Delaware Africa Caribbean Coalition (DACC)and the director of International Affairs for Delaware Complexity of Colors. She also served as the former executive board member of the Delaware Fatherhood Family Coalition (DFFC).

Ajavon holds a Master’s degree in Science Management with a concentration in Public Administration from Wilmington University and a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Widener University.

Born in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa, Ajavon is a single mother of three beautiful children, of whom two have graduated from college and are pursuing successful careers, and her youngest is a junior in high school.

Ana G. Hernandez, B.A.

Office Assistant

Ana G. Hernandez is an Administrative Assistant at DAB Mediation Consultant, LLC. Prior to joining DAB, Ana worked at a level 4 Detention Center for juveniles as a Service Worker where she providing group and one on one therapy. She also worked as a bilingual translator for doctor’s office, immigration services, and the courts. Ana translated documents from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Ana received her B.S. from Wilmington University in Behavioral Science with a minor in child abuse and photography. She received an Associates degree in Criminal justice from Delaware Technical Community College.

Ana is a mother of two adorable little girls.

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